Solar Panel Cleaning

As the focus on sustainable living increases, people are turning more to renewable energy sources. Solar energy is an essential component of clean power that leaves minimal carbon footprint on the environment. The steady growth of reliance on green energy is evident in the many solar panels that can be seen in residential and commercial spaces.

Utilizing solar panels as the main energy source for your home or office is an important step towards sustainability, but it does not end there. You must have regular solar panel cleaning and inspection to ensure that you are getting the most out of them. Here are some reasons why regular upkeep of your solar panels is important:

Compliance to Warranty Requirements

Reputable solar panel manufacturers and installers require regular cleaning of solar panels as part of their warranty agreement. It is the first indication of the importance of basic maintenance activities on your solar array’s functionality. 

If you encounter problems with your unit that need the services of professionals, you would have to present proof that the panels have been cleaned and inspected as stipulated and that the problem is caused by something else. 

It Improves the Efficiency of the Panels

Solar panels are installed outdoors, exposed to the elements and the surroundings. Dirt, leaves, and airborne particulates can accumulate on the surface, reduce the solar panel’s ability to absorb sunlight, and ultimately its efficiency in producing electricity. 

On average, clean solar panels can produce 5% to 30% more energy than those that are poorly maintained. Other studies show that failure to clean the surfaces of your solar arrays can cause a drop of up to 50% in its efficiency. 

Regular solar panel cleaning can give you the most return on your investment by optimizing your panel’s energy conversion and extending its useful life.

Professional Cleaners Can Provide Bird Proofing

Birds play an important role in the ecosystem, but they can be problematic if you use a solar array. Pigeons are attracted to the warmth and safety that the panels can give their nests. If these birds end up nesting in the space between the roof and the panels, your solar array becomes vulnerable to bird droppings. Your roof gutter is similarly compromised. 

The presence of birds brings with it a host of other problems. It can be unsightly to have too many bird droppings on your roof. Even worse, it can attract all sorts of insects and vermin, contributing to the spread of diseases. In some cases, the noise of a large group of cooing pigeons can be disruptive to your home life.

Most solar panel cleaning companies can offer a wide range of bird proofing solutions that can fit your budget. You can choose their UV-rated plastic mesh that would not scratch the color bond of your panels. A PVC-coated wire mesh is a good alternative. Finally, you can have them install spikes that would keep away even the most persistent birds. Some companies go one step further and use commercial grade aluminum fasteners to mount these bird-proofing fixtures and ensure that they are strong and lightweight.        

Call in the Professionals

Whether you have a small installation or several arrays, it is important to have them cleaned regularly by professionals. Doing the task yourself can be dangerous, especially if you do not have the proper fall prevention equipment. Also, professionals can ensure that cleaning is done properly, and your panel’s efficiency is maximized.