Very few people understand how hydraulic systems work and how important they are to everyday life. In fact, you may be using a product or equipment that has hydraulic components without even realizing it. Hydraulic products are being used practically everywhere and can be purchased from reputable suppliers like Hydraulic Online. 

If you want to know more about its practical applications and gain a better appreciation for it, you came to the right place. Below are some of the sectors that benefit from the power of hydraulics. 


One of the biggest customers for hydraulic products is the transportation industry. All cars have brakes, and all brakes have a hydraulic component that enables the clamps to stop the rotation of the wheels. 

When you take your car to a shop for repair and maintenance, the technicians use a hydraulic-powered lift to raise the car so its underside can be checked and inspected for maintenance and repair purposes. Some of the tools also use the concept of hydraulics to carry out their functions. 

When you stop at a gasoline station to refuel, there it is. It is the basis for the mechanism of the pump which draws the fuel from the reservoir into the gas tank of your car.  

If you travel by air, you will also encounter hydraulics, as the control panel of all airplanes has mechanisms that use hydraulics. The list of its applications in the transportation industry is long and continues to get longer as technology evolves. 

Commercial and Residential Buildings

Most buildings have elevators, and all elevators are dependent on hydraulic mechanisms such as pistons and cylinders to stop when needed. This is a key inspection point for third party maintenance companies as the ability to stop the elevator during emergencies is an important safety feature and a requirement for certification. These companies work closely with reputable suppliers like Hydraulic Online to ensure that high-quality components are available when needed for repairs and replacements.  

The office chairs inside the building also have basic implements of the hydraulic system. It allows the users to raise or lower the seat level based on their preference, or lean it back if needed. The same principle is used in barber or dentist chairs and other similar equipment. 

Small Businesses

Aside from the dentist and barber seats in clinics and barber shops, other small and medium businesses that have nothing to do with the mechanical industry also use hydraulic products, albeit unknowingly. A great example is the bakery. Most people do not realize that the equipment used to produce bread and pastries by bulk use of the hydraulic system. Also, moving the baked products from production to the end of the line involves the use of conveyor belts that are also driven by hydraulics. And when the time comes to deliver said products to the customers and clients, the delivery trucks also have hydraulic components. 


Suppliers like Hydraulic Online also cater to the entertainment industry. Hydraulic components are also used in fun places like amusement parks. As a matter of fact, such parks would not run safely or at all without hydraulics. A good example is the Ferris Wheel, the motion of which is controlled safely using hydraulic mechanisms. Aside from amusement parks, hydraulic systems are used in the theatres, specifically in platforms or stages that need to be raised and lowered.