People don’t spend much time in their patios or the deck during hot days, and given the record-breaking temperatures in Australia, decks and patios are a no-go. That’s where awnings come into play. With their roots from ancient Egypt and Syria, awnings became popular in the 19th century and are still on the roll. Australian house owners and cafes started employing these awnings after realizing their functions, and with technological advancements, buying custom awnings are relatively easy.

Benefits of Owning an Awning

Even with all the technological advancements, predicting the weather correctly still proves challenging. However, an awning provides an ideal way to deal with it. Firing up the barbie to celebrate Australia day or spending time with the mates in the summer is a great idea, but is the sun in your way? No worries, awnings got it covered.

A retractable awning provides shade over the patio, making it an ideal spot to spend time on a sunny day. People continue to use these shades throughout the rainy season, to feel the cold breeze and at the same time stay dry, and the benefits of owning an awning do not end there.

An awning reduces the cost of home cooling when positioned correctly over a window frame or door as it blocks out the sunlight, which is accompanied by radiation. It also preserves the furniture that tends to fade after prolonged exposure to sunlight. An awning also protects the wooden frame or doors from water damage as it keeps the water away. Buying custom awnings that match the exterior walls makes it more attractive and beautiful. And installing a durable awning adds value to the home if the owners are trying to sell their home.


The higher the quality of an awning, the more expensive it is. People can decide the awning quality according to the weather in their location since a place with high wind requires a stronger one. A good quality awning consists of a quality metal frame and fabric. The quality fabric used in its making should be waterproof, easy to clean, and provide protection from UV rays. It will not fade after long exposures to the sun.

Choosing the right fabric for the awning can be tedious. Vinyl and Polyester composite fabric are durable and waterproof. Acrylic fabrics are also durable and water repellant, but not waterproof. Cotton canvas awnings are the most common fabrics found in the market and are an eco-friendly choice compared to other options. Still, they do not offer synthetic materials’ durability and are needed to be filled with waterproofing chemicals frequently to keep serving their purpose.

Price and Retracting Mechanism

Another thing to consider when purchasing an awning is the price and the retracting mechanism. Generally, the higher the cost of the awning, the higher the quality. By buying a cheaper awning, the initial expense might be low, but eventually, one will have to spend more on repairs or replacements. Awnings come with manual or automatic retraction. But there are potential technical issues when owning an automated awning

Warranties and Guarantees

Buying a retractable awning that comes with warranties and guarantees is a must. When people spend money on a good quality awning, they should be guaranteed that they are protected if anything must go wrong. A good awning company will always offer a warranty or guarantee to its customer.

Installing the right type awnings in a home is a crucial decision to be made by homeowners, and acquiring one that would not disappoint in the future is also necessary. By considering these important things while buying an awning, anyone can choose the right one for their home.