Strapless Bra

The majority of women will have to agree that you have to suffer for the sake of vanity, whether it’s platform heels, corsets, or skinny jeans that cut off the circulation! After all, who doesn’t want to look beautiful? You do it not to impress others but boost your own self-esteem. When you look good, you feel darn good, too. Definitely, a little suffering is so very worthwhile, especially when you wear a strapless push up bra to give you a nice, sexy silhouette under your tube dress. Of course, any woman will say that it is not easy to look for these undergarments. Finding the perfect one that will support your twins without cutting off your blood flow or slipping down is a challenge. To help you find a comfy strapless bra that actually offers reinforcements, here’s what you need to do:

Try It On For Size

When you are buying a strapless bra, it is a good idea to get measured, and then try it on. Your strapless bra size can vary from your usual size. It may be best to size down a bit in both your band and cup size because they are the only support you have. Without straps for added assistance, you need it to be a bit snug for your twins to stay perky and in place. If you are buying online, make sure you understand that return/exchange policy, so in case you have fit issues, you can readily get a replacement.

Use Magic Tape

If you are wearing a strapless push-up bra with your gown, the last thing you want is a wardrobe malfunction. You certainly don’t want your bra to make a trip down south. To help your bra stay in place, you need to use magic tape to ensure it stays put! You may need to skip the body cream, lotion, or oil around the chest to ensure that the adhesive sticks. If you want your bra to work wonders, don’t forget this crucial tip. 

Look for Quality Pieces

When it comes to garments that hug your “girls,” you want quality pieces that feel like a second skin. Scrimping on cheap fabric may result in skin irritation, which is very uncomfortable and painful in this sensitive area. You also want to pay attention to excellent construction. Aim for a wider band with at least three hooks in the back. For gifted or well-endowed women, you also want extra support in the cup area so your breast can successfully defy gravity and stay perky. 

Consider Filling It Up

It is normal for women to have breasts that have a slight variation in sizes. Just like your feet, you will have a dominant breast that will be slightly bigger than the other. To ensure a successful strapless bra fit, accommodate the size of the bigger boob. As for the other one that’s slightly smaller, you can fill it in with silicone padding. This is an industry trade secret that underwear or bikini models use for picture-perfect photo shoots. 

Bottom Line

A good strapless bra is truly worth the monetary investment. To get more wear out of it, you can opt for convertible pieces with detachable straps. All women must have nude, white, and black strapless pushup bras in their wardrobe. To protect your bras and ensure longevity, take proper care of it. Hand washing is the most optimal method when it comes to your delicates. If you want to use the washer, be sure to place it in a lingerie bag and wash using the gentle cycle. Be sure to air dry your bras with the cups facing up. Before storing, smooth out the creases so your bra can retain its shape.