Top Austin CPA Firms

A CPA firm or a Certified Public Accountant firm is a company that got licensed and certified by the state‚Äôs government. After this, the firm gets incorporated and starts its operation. CPA firms consist of auditors who are professionals in auditing personal and business accounts. Apart from auditors, these companies also hire different candidates for various positions in the accounting sector. 

Hence, the CPA firm also consists of staff accountants and seasoned accountants who have years of experience in all aspects of accounting. Primarily, all the CPA firms are involved in providing auditing services, but some firms also offer tax and accounting services to their customers. In Austin, people are usually in need of some financial advice and accounting guidance; therefore, they hire CPA firms for the same. 

Here is a list of some of the best Austin CPA firms that are known for providing quality service for many years:

Scott Schaubhut, CPA

Scott Schaubhut is considered a full-service CPA firm licensed in Texas and expands its services till Austin. They are involved in offering a wide range of services for business owners, executives, and independent professionals. They claim to be affordable and guaranteed top-class service to their customers. 

The workforce of this company is highly experienced and friendly that usually attracts customers. They provide close personal and professional attention to their clients by sending their skilled professionals to interact with them and extract information about their financial and accounting problems. 

Some of the essential services that they offer include estate tax planning, QuickBooks services, cash flow management, bank financing, strategic business planning, etc. They charge less than $25 for an hour.

The Mangold Group

The Mangold Group, situated in Austin, was licensed for practicing public accounting in 1996 and was certified as a professional corporation in 1998. The Mangold Group is considered one of the best among all the Austin CPA firms. They aim to provide services that will satisfy the accounting needs of successful individuals and growth-oriented businesses. 

The firm offers its services to all kinds of business firms ranging from a sole proprietorship to multi-million dollar companies that are in the growing stage. They are a company with a large and efficient workforce who are professionals and have years of experience in the accounting field. It consists of approximately 49 employees. They charge between the price range of $25-$49 for an hour to their customers.

Maxwell Lockie & Ritter

Maxwell Lockie & Ritter is a locally owned and managed CPA firm that is deeply rooted in Texas and has branches in downtown Austin. They have their offices located in different areas; thus, it helps them provide a decentralized service to their customers. As they are largely expanded, it gives them the advantage to provide sound, timely and proactive services to its customers. 

The professionals of this firm are trained to be interactive and friendly with clients so that the clients can share their problems without any hesitation and feel at home in their office. The hired professionals are highly experienced and qualified with years of practice. This firm listens to the clients and identifies their needs appropriately in order to provide them with the right accounting solutions. The company’s sole objective is to satisfy the needs of the customers. 

Some of the essential services that they provide included auditing, tax planning, consulting, etc. They have a massive workforce with at least 250 employees. Being such a notable company, they charge a little high for their services. The charges vary between the price of $50 to $99 for an hour of their service.

Millan & Co. P.C.

Millian & Co is considered a full-service CPA firm that operates or functions in Austin, Texas. They participate in the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy’s Peer Review Program. This program was started in order to enhance the quality of accounting, auditing, and attestation services performed by CPA firms that are in public practice. 

Richard Millian incorporated the CPA firm in 1985. They offer a wide range of services to their customers, including tax and estate planning, auditing and financial reporting, and business management services. They are a small firm with at least 49 employees. They charge between the price range of $25 to $49 per hour.


Listed above are some of the best Austin CPA firms who have excelled in their services from the day they have been incorporated. So if you are planning to hire a CPA firm for your accounting needs, consider one of the firms from this list.