Shared server VS VPS

Two of the most opted options for web hosting by beginners is shared hosting and VPS hosting. Both of these server types are designed to provide maximum benefit to web hosting beginners. Shared hosting and VPS hosting, both employ the concept of hosting multiple websites on a single physical server. And yet these two platforms do so in completely different manners.

In shared hosting one single server hosts multiple websites. All the server space and resources allotted has to be shared among users. In a VPS however, each physical server hosts multiple virtual private servers. Each of these virtual servers act as their own individual private server and provide resources to host a single website. Let us compare some of the most important web hosting features of these two platforms.


In shared hosting bandwidth, RAM, storage space etc is shared among users. This implies that your website has to compete for resources for optimal performance. The loading speed of your web pages might be reduced depending on the activity of the other users on your server. You may also experience some downtime during peak hours.

While using a VPS server you get your own set of RAM and bandwidth. This ensures that you get a much more enhanced hosting experience than shared hosting. You will get much faster loading pages. You are also guaranteed to experience little to no downtime for your website. This makes sure your website is always up running for visitors to access.


Security might be compromised to some extent when it comes to shared hosting. There will be other websites on your server as well and some of them might contain some malicious threats. This can result in affecting your website and leave you with a poorly functioning website.

VPS servers make sure you get enhanced protection for your website. Since only your website will be supported by your private server, other websites cannot influence the security of yours. You can also opt for added protection packages to your VPS plan for enhanced security.

Scalability and Control

Shared servers perform inferiorly when it comes to scalability of plans. Since many websites reside on your server, you get a fixed number of resources that need to be shared. You may be offered less than what you require for some features and more than what you require for others. You also get minimal control over your server since it needs to be shared.

VPS hosting is known for its easy to scale feature. If you are to receive more web traffic than you anticipated overnight, you can easily upscale your VPS plan. You can add on the resources that you require and reduce what you do not need as much. This way you only pay for what you actually use. You also get great control over your server and its resources.


Shared servers are probably the cheapest web hosting option out there. The prices are set in such a way that anyone can afford to host their website. This makes it the go-to option for most beginners. So, for anyone lacking capital, shared servers are a great option.

VPS hosting is definitely priced more than that of shared servers. However, it is still among one of the most affordable web hosting platforms. In comparison to dedicated servers and cloud servers, VPS plans come across as quite cheap. Considering the amount of benefits a VPS server can offer, it serves great value for money

After looking at some contrasting differences between shared servers and VPS, we can see that shared servers are great for all beginners to start with web hosting. Although, as your websites begin to grow, it would be recommended to switch to a VPS plan.

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