PPC advertising

Gautam Goyal from Houston says that when it comes to digital marketing and SEO, there exists a lot of competition out for most businesses. The ultimate goal of yours should be getting your website to appear on the top of the search engines. For most of the sites, this is not considered an easy task. 

There are a lot of factors that are involved in the process of achieving the domination on search engines. However, there is an alternative to the organic search results which is pretty much popular. Pay per click or shortly said as PPC. A lot of businesses out in the market rely on it to get the traffic but it is important to understand whether it is actually necessary or even worth it? 

In this article, Gautam Goyal Houston highlights some of the major pros and cons of initiating the pay per click campaign. 

Pros of PPC advertising 

The major advantage of PPC is getting your site at the top of search results. Mostly in the search results, the paid ads are on front, top, and center. Below them are local businesses that are listed and claimed in the search engine’s listing. Below the listing come the organic search results. In the PPC environment, your ad can share the space with other businesses having the same keywords in the same areas. A few more benefits are: 

Customized keywords and ads

When you use pay per click ad campaign, you can choose your own keywords and also can customize the ads. It means you have a proper control over what keyword your ad will show up to the visitors and what they will exactly have that you want to deliver. It can be treated as a huge advantage as it gives you the freedom to hire the expert to word your ads in a way that receives attention of the visitors and ultimately leads to solid conversions. It also gives you the freedom to not hire anyone and use your own words. 

Specific campaign tracking 

Another major advantage of using pay-per-click ads is having a clear vision of how your campaign is going, doing, and what are its effects and reviews. You can see where the ad is appearing and how many people are clicking on it, what the keywords are when people find you and how much money you are making due to those ads. There exists a load of tracking tools and data reading tools in the PPC dashboard that help to give you a specific diagram of what is happening with each view of your ad. 

Cons of PPC

The biggest disadvantage of pay per click is the inability to control who clicks on your ad. And also ads cost a lot of money. For instance, if you have a budget of $1000 per month to spend on your ads, and with each click on the ad costs you between $1 and $2 then the thousand dollars burn up quickly. Anyone can click the ad and cost you money including your competitors. A random person looking for your service can go back and forth multiple times by clicking the ad. Sometimes even a bot visits your ads and you have to pay a fine for the bogus visit that wasn’t even a human. This can end up costing you thousands of dollars to make a couple of earning. 

A few more disadvantages include:

Most people don’t like paid ads

Even though your ad may reach the top of search engines, there are a lot of people out there who understand that such as paid ads, and hence would rather go with the website they feel they can trust. As said earlier, the organic search results come just below the business listings. Only the websites that have been around for a while and have established the web presence to be visible there. This makes it seem like those businesses are more trustworthy. It all depends on the thinking of the visitor or customer. In many cases, when people see a paid ad, they avoid it like a plague. 

You have to pay to show up

Another major disadvantage of using pay per click campaign is that the only way to show up in the search engines is by paying more. Yes, it is true, when you pay more, you get more results. The results are much exceptional as you are above everybody and in plain view. However, if you don’t pay, to not at all exist. Unless your website has a few great search engine optimization tactics in the content. If you are ready to show above organically with your keywords, you will be already visible but if you are completely relying on ads, you will not be seen anywhere. 


There were a few of the pros and cons of using the PPS advertising campaign for your business by Gautam Goyal Houston. We hope these will help you to make decisions accordingly.