Aussie Fashion Breaks

The fashion sense in Australia is as varied as the country’s landscape. Sure, the usual stereotype is one that is casual, laid back, and even adventurous. But that isn’t all there is to Aussie fashion, especially when it comes to women’s dresses. 

The clothing options change when you travel to Surfer’s Paradise, Byron Bay, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Sydney. Sometimes the clothing options depending on the weather can be quite different from one locality to the next.

Dresses and skirts are immensely popular among Aussie women, which is another testament to the wide array of fashion tastes in the country. Every designer line, like any Jaase clothing for instance, has plenty of options on a variety of dress and skirt lengths.

The next question here is which length best suits you—mini, midi, or maxi?

Go Short, Sweet, and Sexy, but Keep to Aussie Fashion

Mini dresses are no less than eye-catching. The standard definition of a mini dress or skirt is one that has a length that goes above the knee. However, if you check with Australian designers, they can give you additional options in between.

You’ll find mini dresses that go slightly above the thighs. They can offer you something a bit longer than usual.

If you look at items from popular Australian clothing lines, like a Jaase dress and others, you’ll find that the embellishments, prints, cuts, and styles offer you more options. For instance, you’ll find that mini dresses give you a nice silhouette that balances well with the wearer’s skin tone. It’s a great nightwear option for women.

Midi Dresses and Skirts in Australian Style

If you prefer something a bit longer than a mini skirt or dress, a midi dress might suit you. They’re what are known as the tea-length dresses. They are usually below the knee in length, but you should expect to see midi dresses that go down as far as the mid-calf.

These dresses have a rather lady-like appeal to them, but they offer some casual options as well. Pencil styles give you a figure-hugging look, but if you’re looking for something that is a bit more loose-fitting, go for an A-line cut.

If you’re interested in getting a more retro flair to your dress, check out what the clothing styles of top Australian brands, like Jaase clothing and others, have to offer. Combine that signature poof look with a fitted top, then you have an instant vintage appearance in the making.

Maxi Dresses for Regal Occasions

If you prefer to go at it with full length then maxi dresses are for you. Remember that not all maxi dresses and skirts flow all the way down to the floor. Some only reach up to the ankles. Here’s a rule of thumb that you should keep in mind: When wearing maxis, always wear heels. The combination of heels + maxis will work best for more petite women.

Nevertheless, the ever free Australian fashion will allow you to wear maxi skirts with sandals—again broadening your options (not to mention going against what we recommended earlier). If you want something that lengthens the torso, combine your maxi skirt with an empire cut top or dress.

Want something less formal and rather sporty? Put on a maxi and wear a pair of sneakers matched with a t-shirt. You might wonder how that combination would look, but Aussie fashion designers can make you look rather cute with it.


Aussie fashion tends to break the rules and still make you look fabulous. The free-spirited fashion sense in the country gives women a lot more options than what the norm could offer.