No matter how much you stay on guard by maintaining your house, curveballs will be thrown at you in the form of malfunctioning appliances or breakdowns. Several problems can be prevented before they arise. This precaution can save you a lot of money, labor, and time. 

    In Australia, insurance does not cover some home costs. For example, blocked drains, deteriorated structures cannot come under the purview of insurance. Insurance is for unexpected expenses. For example, expenses incurred due to gradual decay will not be covered. 

So the homeowners must identify damages early and rectify them.

Some of the common issues are:

Replace washer hoses to avoid flooding

    Millions of dollars in damage are caused every year due to hose failures in washing machines. The owners should check, inspect their appliances regularly. The connections have to be monitored and ensured to be in good condition. 

You also have to be sure to leave a sufficient gap (at least four inches) between the water connection source and the machine. This step avoids water pressure build-up due to kinks. Washing should also not be left running when no one is at home to monitor in case something goes awry. 

2. Clean the coils of your fridge before it deteriorates

The coils underneath or behind the refrigerator attract a lot of dust and debris. Apart from appearing unpleasant, such conditions may also restrict airflow, increasing energy costs, and reducing the fridge’s efficiency. The lifespan of any appliance can be extended by adopting proper cleaning measures. This maintenance can increase the cooling capacity and reduce energy consumption. 

    Use a brush to clean the visible debris. A few newer models have an encasing around the coil to prevent such issues, so owners of such appliances need not worry. 

3. Clean dryer lint

    Several dryer fires have happened in Sydney. This news is cause for concern as these fires are entirely avoidable. Studies show that the primary cause of such fires is lint in and around the machine, and the quality of lint to be highly combustible accelerates the risk. A general rule is to check if the clothes are taking too long or if the dryer gets too hot, it has to undergo a check. 

4. Blocked drains

    Blocked drains are an issue that requires immediate professional attention. Call a plumber before it worsens as it can lead to blockage, health issues, and an unpleasant odor. Sewage has innumerable harmful bacteria in it. When they flow back or are blocked, health concerns like allergies, infections, food poisoning, etc., can be caused.

Structural damage is another issue that drains can cause if left unattended as water erodes concrete and cement. Mold and other fungi grow in places where there is moisture, so leakages from drains encourage this. 

5. Fix deteriorating masonry

    Masonry disintegration can cause bricks to collapse. Look out for cracks and fix them as soon as possible. There is a chance for the cracks to widen, and if not filled promptly, it may be too late, as the structure itself will be compromised. Grouting can fix minor repairs. A mixture of cement, lime, and sand can offer temporary house fixing. 


Although it is cliche to say prevention is better than cure, it is always true that being cautious can reduce expenses by half. Try to fix minor problems by yourself and remember to keep all appliances in good condition by cleaning them periodically.