Work and Leisure

Working people and business owners can easily get carried away by their business tasks. Even though the law is clear in most countries in terms of working hours, employers and employees often dodge those legal regulations. Entrepreneurs are driven by their desire to make more money for their business. Workers, on the other hand, want to earn more for their personal needs. 

In both cases, it’s important to draw the line and decide how much is enough. No matter how much money you make, you can splurge all of it. Here’s what we think is important to find the right balance between professional obligations and personal life. 

Finish work tasks within eight hours

One of the prerequisites for finding the right balance between work and leisure is to finish your work tasks while you’re at work. 

When we think about the technological progress we’re experiencing, it would be logical to expect that people work less now than before. As presented in a study on the working habits of the American people, Americans spend more time at work now than 10 years ago. 

The situation is similar to the largest number of developed countries. What’s more, many developing countries are reaching that level of economic growth, so things are developing in the same direction there, as well. 

While this is a general trend, every individual worker can do everything they can to complete their tasks during the working hours. If you don’t have any overtime work, you’ll get home on time, plus, you won’t be completely exhausted. 

So, every working person should make a strict daily plan and keep your work habits as efficient as it gets. Remember: every second that you procrastinate means less time for personal pleasure and leisure.

Avoid interruptions during the workday

Closely related to the previous point, workers need to focus on their work and isolate themselves from any interruptions. 

Unfortunately, many workers break their workflow with numerous digressions. Some of them are necessary, like the lunch break or getting coffee/water once or twice a day. 

However, if you constantly interrupt the daily working routine with irrelevant things, you’ll be less efficient during the core workday. For instance, constantly chatting with people on your personal cell phone, scrolling down social media posts, or making personal calls during working hours belong to this group of unnecessary things. 

Think about putting your phone in a silent mode, with several exceptions, like phone numbers of schools where your kids go or your partner’s number. All other people can wait until the end of your workday. 

If you manage to introduce this self-discipline, you’ll be more productive and, hence, catch the eye of your managers. In turn, you might be promoted sooner and feel the financial benefits of such a committed behavior at work. Finally, you won’t have to work overtime or landside gigs to make ends meet. 

Plan quality time at weekends

If you close the office door on Friday afternoon and don’t think about work until Monday, you’ll feel more relaxed. And when workers relieve some of the work stress, they’re usually more productive. 

Therefore, workers should plan some quality time at weekends. Married working people with children may want to plan weekend trips or getaways. You don’t need a lot of money for these excursions. Just plan everything in advance and you’ll enjoy your weekends. 

Single employees or those in relationships can commit their free time at weekends to their partners. Having lunch together, going to concerts, or just spending time together will already help you recover from demanding work tasks. 

Neither parents nor people without children should neglect their social lives. Weekends are the perfect occasion for making improvements in this aspect of your life. Meet some friends you haven’t seen for a while, organize gatherings at home (but keep the distance), and arrange outdoor hangouts. As you’re improving your social life, you’ll have more energy for your professional challenges, as well. 

Mind your personal assets

Overworking and working overtime hours usually stem from insufficient personal income. If your base salary doesn’t cover all your expenses, you either need to work overtime hours in the same company or do an additional job. 

None of these options will help you find the right balance in your life. 

Because of that, better management of your personal assets should be the first stop on your recovery path. 

Write down your base salary and put all your overhead monthly expenses next to it. How much money will you have after you cover all the expenses? If you’re left with only a little money that won’t suffice for the entire month, it’s time for changes. Can you move to a less expensive apartment? How about your car, if you have one? Think about selling it and getting a more affordable one. 

If you can’t cut on the expenditure anymore, how about changing the job? Many people become happier when they find a better job, i.e. when they can make ends meet without doing two or more jobs. 

Think with a digital mindset

Since we’re living in the digital surroundings, let’s see how we can use digital features to reach the right balance between work and pleasure. 

For starters, try to use social media for more practical purposes. Instead of following show biz stars or other people’s lives, look for potential business ideas. Instagram has become an extremely useful platform for those who need inspiration for business ideas. 

If you come up with an idea that will ensure generating a passive income, you’ll be able to lead a more relaxing lifestyle. You won’t be under so much stress at work and you’ll have more energy for your private life. 

For instance, if you decide to sell something on the Web, think about launching a simple website with eCommerce features. As explained by the experts from a Houston web design company, this doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, i.e. it’s an affordable option. 

Similarly, you can open an Instagram or Facebook account and start selling those products or services that way. The greatest benefit of these networks is their global effect, so it’s possible to generate a lot of leads for this potential side business overnight. 

Financial stability and independence are two important ingredients of a balanced lifestyle. If you have to work more than eight hours a day to ensure those two features, it’s not a balanced lifestyle anymore. Since many of us have been in that situation, we’re all aware that you should change things when you feel as if you’re chasing your own tail. You can also check for remote employee software.

Focus on your job while you’re in the office and eliminate all procrastination triggers. Motivate yourself with interesting activities you’re going to do alone or with your family/partner after work. Spend weekends doing things you like with people you adore. Finally, when you become fed up with your current job, start looking for a new one and consider ideas for generating a passive income. All these strategies will be beneficial for everybody who is trying to find the right balance between work and leisure. 

Author Byline: Liam Collins is a tech pundit and Web enthusiast working at He spends most of his time reading and writing about the current affairs in the world of information technology. When he isn’t working, he likes going for long bike rides and walks in nature.