Faulty Hardware in Your PC

While Melbourne is probably more known for its coffee, arts and culture, and spectacular architecture, the city is also one of the technological hubs in Australia. For instance, the UK’s Saville declared the city as the top tech destination in Australia in terms of opportunities, environment, quality of life, government preparedness, and business condition. Tech giants and startups are competing to establish a headquarters in Melbourne because of these qualities. Another advantage is the receptiveness of its residents for innovation and their high awareness of how to exploit technology to improve their lives. 

Australia is one of the top countries in the world where a significant percentage of the population is computer literate. The residents know the value of investing in technology. For example, according to one statistic, more than 8 in 10 residents are using either Windows and Mac compared to more than 7 in 10 in both the UK and the US. 

Melbourne students are also exposed to computers in schools compared to a large majority of countries in the world. It means they grow up being familiar with gadgets and technology.  But familiarity is limited to software programs, command, and most probably games. 

When it comes to hardware components, however, only a few can take apart and put back a PC. If there is any problem with your unit, it is best to send it for computer repairs in Melbourne rather than aggravate the situation by trying to DIY the fix. 

But how do you know if you have faulty hardware? Here are some red flags to look out for:

Overheating — Your PC has built-in corrective measures to avoid overheating. If you are only using it for a few minutes and your unit’s temperature is already approaching dangerous levels, then it is time to bring it to the repair shop.

Freezing and crashing — Another obvious sign of a defective unit is if your PC keeps freezing or crashing when you are in the middle of the task. If you can, save your data immediately because you might lose them forever. While some repair technicians have data recovery tools, there is no guarantee that you can recover everything as some files might be corrupted.

Blue screen — The dread blue screen could be the death knell of any computer. If you already rebooted your computer several times and it still appears after a few minutes, there is a serious problem with the hardware. 

Slow performance — Another red flag is If it takes you ages just to finish writing a document because your unit crawls almost to a halt. It can be fixed if you run smart diagnostics or stress tests on your RAM storage or hard drive, or if you turn on your antivirus software. But if you can’t see any changes,  then consult a professional.

Shutdowns — It is most probably a hardware issue when your computer shuts down suddenly while you are in the middle of a task. Another sign is seeing your files being changed to read-only status, which can be a virus or hardware issue.

If you suspect that your PC’s hardware could be the problem, bring it to a service provider specializing in computer repairs in Melbourne. You can get a free diagnosis and price quotation so that you can prepare your budget. For the most part, the technician would be very honest with the diagnostics and would inform you if they feel that the repair is more expensive than buying a brand new unit.