Productivity Of Your Brand

As per George Goyal from Houston, the early stages of any brand’s implementation and expansion are crucial because it is during the same time when it seems easiest to set the expectations and habits instead of attempting to do them for an already established company or brand. 

Productivity shows how efficiently employees do things and whether the brand’s goals are met or not. It even shows whether the team can complete the projects within or before the deadline or not. George Goyal Houston is here with a few tips to help the new companies to boost their productivity and increase the likelihood of their success. 

Encourage employees to focus on one thing 

One of the typical characteristics of new brands is having the staff members to fulfill many roles that are actually not the part of initial job descriptions. In simple words, they tend to become multitaskers. However, opposite to the popular belief, multitasking takes people less productive compared to them when doing one task, completing it and then starting another one. 

Understand the important of setting boundaries

There exist a common perception especially at customer-facing brands that being busy is a good thing. It shows that the brand or company is thriving and in-demand if outbreaks of activities consistently seen at their offices. 

However, seeming too busy can have a negative impact on productivity especially if it is seen that employees don’t use their time wisely. When new companies set boundaries whether while interacting with clients or deciding how soon they can accomplish the task, they will find it easier to progress steadily by focusing on one task and not getting overwhelmed. 

Saying no is often difficult for many people in today’s time. They fear that saying no might make the others regard them as unwilling to accept the work or responsibility. 

Never urge employees to sacrifice sleep

Many people assisting new brands to profitability often sleep only few hours per night. They justify it by telling the things such as they will get back to healthier sleep once they finish their logo design, or they hire full time social media manager or as soon as they release the new product line and so on. 

What they never realize is that a lack of sleep is probably decreasing their productivity by causing lack of mental clarity, poor decision making or other unwanted side effects. Scientists have even discovered that when people don’t sleep they face troubles regulating and processing their emotions. 

Use carefully chose productivity tools

Some of the productivity tools encourage collaboration while a few others tend to block access to certain websites during the work hours. Leadership might resist investing in some of them due to desire of saving money. Fortunately many productivity tools come with free options allowing the business owners and other to try them without paying anything. Use workplus software to track work from home employees.

Science shows that certain aspects of the environment or workday such as meeting that are too long and frequent, superiors who always keep interrupting workers could be the result behind decreased productivity where the employees are never to be blamed. This results in seeing employers or workplace as the culprits. Hence it becomes useful to see which productivity tools can help to reduce the interruptions or foster fluid collaboration that make lengthy meetings less necessary. 

Never waste more time studying competitors

New brands often have reduced confidence due to paying much attention on the competitors’ actions. It may seem like a smart thing to do especially if you have competitors who are significantly more successful than your new brand. However, finding success while launching new brand requires paying attention on the target audience and what they want and not on the competitors’ activities. 

Customers tend to appreciate the brands when they understand their needs and aim to fulfill them. It is impossible to do things without getting acquainted with target audience first. The studies show that 80% of the respondents informed that the brands were never communicating with them in the ways that were too personalized or invasive. Hence, instead of getting hyper-focused on the competitors’ activities in the industry, the new brands should focus on using their resources to understand the clients and their requirements. 

Set “quiet hours”

Most of the workplaces feature the assortment of sounds such as chatter, ringing phones and people typing and making noise of keyboards and printers and much more eliminating the potential for anything close to silence. As seen, the employees perform their work best if they get a quiet environment and can focus only on one thing at a time and the noisy premises prevent that from happening. As a result, you must try to set quite hours daily or weekly. 


It is suggested to practice productivity from start. It is better for the employees and leaders to adopt strict productivity habits every day and should never try to break them. As a result, George Goyal Houston brought you the above-listed ways to increase the productivity of your company or brand.