Blinds are one of the most sought out window dressings apart from curtains. One is spoilt for choice while choosing blinds as they come in different color ranges, designs, different durability levels, and sustainability. These factors play an important role while choosing between a ready-made blind and a made to order blind. Here are some reasons why ready-made blinds are a better option.

1.   Budget-Friendly

These blinds are mass-produced meaning that the cost of manufacturing them is considerably lower than custom blinds, making them pocket-friendly. In tailor-made blinds, alterations and fitting prices are often reflected in the cost, making them expensive. However, pre-made blinds come in different sizes and sets, offering flexibility in size, length, and price. If one is on a strict budget, then these blinds are a great option.

2.   Amazing Fit

Ready-made blinds, be it vertical blinds or roller blinds, often are customisable. If one needs to shorten it in length or attach a drawstring on a particular side of the blind, they can do it in minutes. Thus, the person can customise/make small alterations in the design without compromising on the budget and achieve the perfect fit and customised look that a custom made-to-order blind would provide. The method saves a lot of time since custom blinds usually take quite some to be delivered. They are also an excellent option for people living in rented properties as the investment is not as significant as custom blinds. And the fact that they require minimum assembly, and little to no fitting time makes them all the more ideal and affordable.

3.   Size

Size is a major deciding factor while choosing blinds. While custom blinds can be an excellent option for tall and extremely large windows, these blinds are perfect for small, and regular-sized windows. Since they are mass-manufactured, one can find blinds for all the regular-sized windows in furnishing and decor stores.

4.   Choice

One can choose from endless options of colours, patterns, textures, and fixtures while looking for manufactured blinds. Many people like to buy coloured and patterned blinds to go along with their theme or interior design.

5.   Simple and Practical

Pre-made blinds are extremely easy to operate, with no poles or tracks. They can be fit easily and changed as often as one would like, making them extremely easy to use. Custom blinds sometimes require additional fittings that might need extra effort, and as they are relatively expensive. One can not change them quite as often either.

6.   Super Functional

Since they already come in specific sizes and offer different functionality, all one has to do is find the right kind. One can find blinds in the market made explicitly for kitchens and bathrooms to withstand the humidity and repeated exposure to the heat, lather and other such things.

7.   Hassle-Free

Measuring and looking for the correct size and fit might be tedious and expensive if one gets it wrong while ordering a custom blind. Whereas, with pre-made blinds, one can have the option of returning or exchanging it if it is not a proper fit. Many companies offer helpful and easy to measure size guides.

In short, ready-made blinds provide a functional, cheaper, affordable, and stylish solution for window dressing.