King-size Characteristics of Sealy Beds

Are you shopping around for a brand new mattress? Experts generally recommend that Australians replace their mattresses within ten years, according to Better Homes and Gardens. When selecting a new mattress like Sealy beds, there are several key features to keep in mind to guarantee a good night’s sleep and reduce stress and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Mattress sizes generally range from Single/Twin to King. It’s essential to get the exact dimensions of a manufacturer’s mattress sizes, so you’ll know whether or not it fits your bed frame to a tee. 

Sometimes there are different varieties of the same size, like “long” versions of the basic size. Besides the length and width, you should also consider the mattress’s height or depth. A higher mattress can provide extra support, for example. When selecting a mattress depth, it’s important to consider related issues like the height of your base mattress.  

Sleeping Position

While this factor is related to the sleeper, it’s a critical one when picking a new mattress. The main types of sleeping positions are:

  • Back
  • Stomach
  • Side

Side sleepers make up 55% of Australian sleepers, which qualifies it as the most popular sleeping position, according to The Daily Mail.

The second-most popular sleeping position is the “freestyle position,” which includes multiple sleeping positions during the night. Most of these combo sleepers are unaware they use this position.

Regardless of your sleeping style, it’s vital to pick a mattress that best suits your needs. This point includes various factors like material, firmness, and size. For example, if you’re a combo sleeper, then you should pick a bigger mattress to provide more space for shifting around as you sleep.

Mattress Bundle

When purchasing a mattress, you can sometimes select a bundle that includes a base/foundation mattress. This sleep set provides both mattresses that are usually combined when adding bed pads to a bed frame.

Meanwhile, if you’re creating a “floor bed,” then the basic mattress is all you need. This is a space-saving option that’s ideal for situations like small bedrooms where there’s less walk space around the furniture piece.

While a bundle will have a higher price tag, it can save you money buying the two mattresses separately. So if you’re creating a new sleep set, it’s practical to purchase a bundle instead of two separate mattresses.

Sale Prices

This is a key feature since you can save up to 50% on a new mattress. One of the main benefits of buying mattresses online is it’s easy to find discounted mattresses. 

You can also find mattress sales at physical stores, although it’s more difficult to learn about them and compare prices with other stores.  

Firmness Level

This is one of the main features related to support and comfort. Different companies have different guides for low, moderate, and high firmness. 

When picking mattress firmness, you should consider factors like health conditions. If you have back problems, for example, then a firmer mattress is generally a good idea.

Comfort Level

This is strictly a subjective factor. When possible, you should try to lie down on a test mattress to determine if a particular model is a comfortable mattress. This can help to save time, effort, and money.

Finding the right mattress like Sealy beds might seem difficult at first. However, when you consider factors like size, firmness, and price, the process can become much easier. Ultimately, a more comfortable mattress can help you sleep better.