What are people saying about Smileys & Emoticons in Twitter?

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What’s going on here?

This page summarizes what’s the latest chatter about smileys and emoticons.

Apparently there are 3 major types of references to emoticons on twitter:

* Wow, I found a new type of emoticon, it’s so cool. (If you want to find a cool emoticon and brag about it, check out our complete list of text emoticons).

* This emoticon/smiley thing is so great/annoying. People should stop doing it/do much more (If you don’t really like smileys, you must check out our funny emoticons category, it will change your mind…)

* A verbal expression of a mood – “I am so happy now. Happy Smiley”. Which is kinda weird. Why not use a cool smiley instead?

Attention: This is where you need to go to add smileys and emoticons to twitter.