Using Smileys and Emoticons in Facebook

Facebook has a proprietary smiley system, and make it a bit tough to insert external icons and smileys to chats. This short guide will cover all the ways to insert Smileys to your posts, messages, status and wall.

Internal Facebook Smileys

If you want to use smileys or emoticons in your facebook chat, the easiest way would be to employ the built-in smileys in the system. To do that, just enter the combination of letters or symbols mentioned in the chart below, and see your small icon taking shape:

Smiley Expression Code 1 Code 2
Smiley - happy Smile
Smiley - big grin Big smile
Smiley - wink emoticon Wink
Smiley - happy eyes Happy
Smiley - laughing eyes Happy eyes
Smiley - Cat smile Cat smile
Smiley - grumpy Grumpy
Smiley - sad Sad
Smiley - crying Crying
Smiley - shocked Shocked
Smiley - glasses Four-eyes
Smiley - cool shades Cool
Smiley - tongue emoticon Tongue
Smiley - woot emoticon Uh?
Smiley - dork Nerd
Smiley - uncertain Uncertain
Smiley - devil emoticon Devil
Smiley - angel emoticon Angel
Smiley - kiss Kiss
Smiley - love emoticon Heart
Smiley - pacman Pacman
Smiley - robot emoticon Robot
Smiley - guy face Face

Using Emoticons For Facebook Wall

Ok, you know you want more – not only smileys and cool graphics for your chat but also on the most visible place in your FB world. We are talking about embedding smileys in your status messages, in your posts, visible to all your friends and followers. Thing is – Facebook doesn’t allow it. According to FB’s management it hurts user experience, creates too much clutter, and overall makes a big mess. Well – we respect these arguments, but we don’t agree.

Now, something has got to give. You want emoticons in status messages and you are going to get them. Here are your options:

1) Use an external application – Pro: Easy, tons of emoticons and smileys, 100% free. Against: You need to download something, but who cares? In 60 seconds you are going to put the most beautiful emoticons and stuff in your facebook profile for everyone to see. Download here.

2) Just use text emoticons – This is how people actually communicate in the virtual world. True, it’s much less colorful, they express less, and you need to find the best text emoticons in each case to best describe your mood or?attitude, but overall – it’s not too bad. If you?absolutely?don’t want to download anything to your computer (not that we understand why), go here, search for your current mood and copy paste the code straight to your Facebook status line.