Some Statistics about Smileys

Last year we ran a quick survey to research the usage of smileys, emoticons and avatars online. The results were quite interesting. Here are the results in brief:

Males vs. Females – No surprise here

The gals use emoticons more. Roughly 52% of the females we have surveyed replied that they use Smileys at least occasionally online.

Age vs. Beauty? – Wouldn’t be our first guess

Apparently, not the kids and neither the elderly are the most avid smiley users. This title is reserved to the age group of 32-44, with 45% positive reply rate. The second biggest group – amazing, these are the online folks of 44-56.

City boys or country people?

The village people are more engaged and busy with putting little graphic icons online. Almost half of them (those that define themselves as neither living in a city or a suburb) said that they use smileys and emoticons at least occasionally. By comparison, only 30% of the city cats admitted that they do the same. Is it possible that the urban internet users are just too ashamed to admit they are emoticon-people? That’s our hunch!

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

We don’t really care, but we do care where do all the smiley people live, and can we find differences and patterns of usage between people living in the states, the old continent or elsewhere in the world. Here is the answer for you:
US 44%
Canada 44%
Europe 41%
Asia 48%
South America 30%
Middle East 15%
Australia 27%

This survey was conducted online. n=1,025. The full results will be published soon.