Secret Emoticons for MSN Messeneger

Variety may be the secret of writing good content online. In order to create meaningful text one needs quite a lot of accessories today – rich language, punctuation, creativity and decoration. By decoration we mean ways to graphically enrich the text and make it more meaningful, more significant, smarter, funnier and more personal. A great way to do that is to add emoticons and smileys to your text.

Create a rich experience in MSN Messengerregular-msn-emoticons

MSN Messenger, one of the most popular IM tools in the world is already equipped with great tools to create a rich chat experience. Among these one can count:

  • Games and applications (e.g. Tic-Tac-Toe, Solitare, Checkers and Bejewled)
  • Applications (e.g. the whiteboard)
  • Winks, smileys, emoticons and nudges

Stand out from the crowd

Separating yourself is key to leaving a long last impression on your conversation friends. At first, using regular emoticons (as you can see in the list here on Microsoft’s site) was enough to draw some attention. All you needed was to add an image of a cute round face with a yellowish hue (with, or without, glasses or a moustach) and easily be the star of the evening. All these simple emoticons don’t cut it any more. To be different, to add some spice to the conversation, you need to do much more than that.

Be special. Use special emoticons

Secret MSN Messenger Emoticons

Secret MSN Messenger Emoticons

The Microsoft guys apparently prepared quite a few surprises in MSN Messenger. You can add quite a lot of color to your chats by using a few nifty shortcuts and codes. Type (mo) for example, and you’ll see a cute little image of two coins, symbol for money. (co) is a nice little computer, while (um) is a Merry Poppins umbrella. And there’s a lot more – (bah) is a cute black sheep, (so) is a soccer ball (football, for you Brits from across the canal) and (@) is the most adorable cat face. Hover over and squeeze your little mouse button over the image to the right to see more short-cuts.

My favorite one is :-[. You will have to try it yourselves to know what it means…

Add more emoticons to your MSN IM

Using MSN’s built-in graphic files is not enough for you? Want to add more emoticons to your messenger. Voila, listen carefully, this is how you can add more images and use them as little emoticon surprises in your IM client.

First, find free emoticons you want to use. There are tons of sites that you can search in, and is definitely a great resource. Save the images you like in a folder, and from MSN (or Live Messenger) go to ‘tools’, ‘emoticons’ and ‘create’. Add the emoticons and you’re done. You can use your new images in any chat.

7 More secret emoticons (yay!)

A few quick hidden emoticons before we are finished:

Be right back emoticon msn (brb) Be Right Back

Cigarette Emoticon (ci) a burning cigarette

high five emoticon (h5) High five

handcuffs emoticon(%) Handcuffs

turtle emoticon(tu) Green Turtle

(finger crossing emoticonyn) Finger Crossing

xbox emoticon(xx) XBox