Free Emoticons & Smileys

Our agenda is all about Free Emoticons & Smileys

That’s the honest truth – everything we offer is 100% free

No catch, no small print! Our huge collection of graphic elements, icons, avatars and clipart is offered to our users totally free. These tiny graphic images bring so much joy to our life that we want to share it among all of you, and the more, the merrier! Download as many emoticons as you want, paste as many smileys that you wish in your website – no strings attached!

Free is the new paid
Why pay for something if you don’t have to? Unlike in the real world, the leading economic models in the interent are based on free exchange of data, information and goods in return for watching ads. We gave it a long and hard though and decided that instead of charging our users for our services, we would offer everything for free, and display a few ads by our affiliates along the site. What a great win-win concept! You get what you want (Cool Emoticons) and we get some money in return – trust us, it only pays to keep this site running – we are not planning early retierment based on the earnings of this site. We run this site because it’s fun and because we love emoticons.

Some of the best free smileys online
Building a huge library of smiley and emoticons is not easy. We depend on our users to send us the best emoticons and smileys that they find online (only rights-free, of course). If you stumble upon a smiley, or any file for that matters, that belong to someone else – please drop us a quick line (write to admin at cool-smileys dot-com) and let us know of the violation. Our honest intention is to run a clean site here, so you – our users, will benefit from it the most!