What is this site?

This site is all about smileys – those little faces that express different emotions and are now used almost everywhere online – in IMs, forums, social networks and e-mails.

Wait, I thought you call these emoticons!

Well – you are right. Different people call the cute smileys in different names – one name a lot of people use is emoticons, others refer to them as winks – and some internet users just call them simply emotions or face icons.

Are these smileys you offer here free?

Everything you see on this site is 100% free. You can use them at your discretion.

Why use smileys, anyway?

1. Because they are super-fun!
2. Because they can express things which are very hard to express any other way. As the internet is still mainly a writing-based medium, your tone might be misinterpreted by the other side, and this can be quite embarrassing or at least, uncomfortable. Say you are joking or just being sarcastic – unless you use a small smiley that indicated your sarcastic intention, you might just offend someone! Smileys can also be used to express your love to someone, indicate that you are sleepy now and want to go to bed, or just emphasize the fact that you are happy.

Aren’t smileys the things you do with text characters?

That’s one type of smiley – the old and boring one :)
Of course you may still use these kinds of smileys, and some of them are quite useful – but when you want to make an impact actually make sure the other side understands you – use an image smiley! A cool and handy way to have smileys available to you at any second is to use a smiley toolbar!

How do I use these smileys you offer here?

Nothing can’t be more simple. Just find one that you like, and copy the code that you need. If you need a smiley for a bulletin board or forum, use the first code. If you need to embed a smiley for myspace, email or just any other place on the web – use the relevant code beneath. Just copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) the code. We are sure you will do fine!

Can I use these smileys on my Mac?

Of course. Just copy the code with your command key (cmd+C) and paste as usual (cmd+V)

Can I use smileys on facebook?

Sure, read our special smileys and emoticons guide for facebook.

What if I want to use text emoticons? Where can I find a good list?

Fear not, friend. If you want to see the most extensive online list of text emoticons you have reached the right place. Also, if you are a bit into Japanese culture, check out our new super cool guide to Japanese Text Emoticons.

Who are you guys, anyway?

cool-smileys.com is focused on developing original and cool graphic images. In the future we would use these images in new and imaginative ways such as t-shirts, mugs, screensavers etc. We are now very busy developing and designing smileys and emoticons, but if you have original smileys that you have created and would like to share or exhibit on our site – please drop us a line!

Do you have a privacy policy?

Well, nothing too formal, but our privacy policy is as follows: we respect your privacy. Other than general web traffic tracking we do with Google Analytics we don’t collect any personal data from our users. We don’t ask or keep user’s email addresses in any way, nor keep any personally identifying data. We do our best to serve you well, but if in any way you feel we are doing something wrong, please let us know!

Can I ask more questions?
Why not? Just send an email to admin@cool-smileys.com