Using Smileys and Emoticons in Google Wave

Very soon Google wave is going to be launching. We are all very excited about the upcoming launch, but don’t fear – we, in will have the inside scoop for you on how to use smileys and emoticons in Google’s newest and coolest service yet. But let’s do things slowly.

What is Google Wave?

Google wave is (as described by Google) is a new mode of communication and collaboration online – think email and IM, just way better. With Google Wave you are going to be sending, well, waves between friends. Each wave will include messages, graphics, documents and things from the internet like photos and images which you will be able to embed. Waves are social things so they will be sent between friends, shared and in a sense, broadcasted. You will even be able to “play” a wave and watch the sequence of events – who said what to who and when, in the order that things actually happened.

If you ask me, Google Wave is going to be cool, maybe more cool than Facebook and Twitter!

How to join the joy ride?

Google just announced that some lucky 100,000 people will get invites to the new service on September 30.? Want to be among the lucky few? Sign up on this page, and hope that no more than 100,000 people signed up before you…

How to use smileys and emoticons in Google Wave?

As soon as we have information on how to do that, you will be the first to know. As google wave is built to be interactive and very graphical communication suite, emoticons will have to be an important and integral part of everything there. We are closely following as the service progress towards launch, and you will be the first to know once we obtain the info. So watch this space – we will advertise all the info, the instructions and your opportunities to use cool graphical expressions, winks and emoji in Google Wave.

Update 1: Not too much to report (yet) but there is already one API resource that replaces text emoticons with graphic symbol representations of smiley faces. It is called Yasr and you can read about it here.