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Amazing: Smiley Shower Curtain

June 26th, 2009

This blog is quite new, and we don’t have a product of the month section yet, but if we had one, this product would be a sure winner!

Just can't get enough of smileys?

Just can't get enough of smileys?

Geeksugar.com (that always have great stuff for geeks) just posted about a super-cool shower curtain designed with a pattern of text emoticons and smileys. Obviously, you can always use our handy guide for text smileys if you need to use an emoticon, but if you are stuck in the shower, and can’t remember how to text a hug smiley for example, this curtain is just the thing for you.

We love everything with smileys, so we love this curtain. It goes for 15 bucks on Bed, Bath and Beyond, and it’s one of the happiest bath accessories I’ve seen in a while.

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