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Cool Japanese Emoticon Toys

August 23rd, 2009

Cool Japanese EmoticonsThink you had enough of web smileys? How about some in real life? A cool present for any emoticon or smiley lover – the Kamoji toys!

Kamoji are the Japanese version of emoticons – they are sweet and everybit as crazy and inspiring as the people who created them. What makes Kamoji so different and unique is that unlike regular text smileys, they are read vertically or upside down. You just need to take a look at them and you immediately understand their meaning. Apparently the Japanese are much more liberal and creative in their usage of keyboard characters – not only colons, dots and commas make up these vivid symbols but also hearts, dollar signs, triangles and whatnot. You need to see to believe, and you will fall in love with them in a second.

OK, but what about the toy I promised? Here it comes. Apparently, one very cool Japanese toy manufacturer called Yujin decided to create his own real life version of the happy textual bunch. He made real plastic figurines which are combination of a doll and a crazy emoticon which can be bought and mailed worldwide. You must check out his website which is devoted to the figures.

The pricing seems to much a lot of sense too – A single doll costs less than 1 US Dollar, not to much to pay for such a cool playmate. Check out his site and the cool animated movie he created.

Want to use these cool emoticons yourself? Hurry now to our guide for using Japanese Text Emoticons.

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