Welcome to the Cool Smileys Blog, the official blog of the Cool Smileys Community.

This blog, well you probably guessed it, is devoted to smileys, and everything that has to do with them. Our mother-site, cool-smileys.com, is where I collect and offer various types of smileys and emoticons, and just fun graphical images, that people send me and I find all over the internet. As a true believer that smileys make this world a much more fun place to be in, I realized that what the world need is a good place devoted to this ancient art. Yes, it is ancient – but I’ll get to that sometime in the future, when I’ll decide to write about the history of the smiley.

If you have something interesting to share with me, you want to send me a smiley to add to my site, or just make friends, please write – my email address is admin (at) cool-smileys.com (you need to replace the (at) with the email sign – @).

I really hope you enjoy my site,

Mr. Smiley!

  1. August 23rd, 2009 at 11:50 | #1

    hi thanks for using my video about the huge msn emoticons it means alot :)

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