10 Occasions to use smileys online

Ok, so there are hundreds of smileys and emoticons that you can use, but why bother? and when? At what occasion should you use smileys and how to pick smileys that will support your conversation at the right moment? Here is our quick guide:

1) You’re in love – you know those kinds of chats: you do not have a lot to say, but you want to express your emotions. You have already exhausted every possible type of textual love message, but you need more – you are courting online, and you need some help. That’s the time to use that I’m in love emoticon or to send a heart smiley to your sweetheart.

2) Anti-trashtalking – You are busy having a chat in a public chat room – and bamm, someone starts to trash-talk. You really hate these trolls! Come on’, knock it off! Tell everybody what you think about this spammer with the Spam smiley or ask the forum moderator to ban the bastard with a Ban smiley.

3) Laughter smiley – Something really makes you laugh your brains out. Let the funny guy know that you really like his joke – That’s a great timing for a Clapping smiley or a complementing smiley that says Good Joke!.

4) Someone offends you – you are hurt and you want him or her to know all about that – Express anger with the Pissed off smiley or the Furious Smiley. Sometimes you just need to shout out loud to show off your frustration – use the Shouting smiley! Oh, and if you have really had enough with someone, you can really threaten to do something extreme with the Kill Smiley

5) Better emphasize your tone – You say something controversial, and you want to make sure that your conversation partner understands that you are being cynical. Wink and tell your chat partner that you are Just kidding! Another good way to show that you were just pulling your friends’ legs is to bang their head with a hammer, and say LOL.

6) Show some disrespect – Your conversation partner says something stupid – and you really feel like rollying your eyes. Here is your chance. You are stupid, friend, that’s why I am rollying my eyes now! In another note, eyes are are great vehicles to express a wide variety of emotions and feelings – One of our favorites? Show your friends your Dollar eyes and your love for money. They will get the message…

7) Request permission to speak – No this is not a British Parliament kind of gesture. You are in a chat room. Everybody is talking and you want permission to speak. Man up and raise your hand!

8 )Be morbid – You are in a suicidal mood. Make sure someone understands your situation before you do something you’ll regret later. Use the About to explode smiley or just a good tombstone icon to show where things stand. Oh, any by the way, if push has really came to shove, the Turn into zombie smiley will truly show that you are done here, and that you (and the conversation) are dying…

9) Expose liars – You’re conversation partner is a straight-out liar. Make sure he doesn’t think you are a fool and confront him. Point out his recent bullshit with the Smiley pointing to lies. Oh, and while on the subject of bullshit, why not use the shit icon to truly express your emotions towards the gentleman.

10) Bordom – You are bored. the conversation takes too long. Show your conversation partner that you had enough, you want to sleep, are tired, or just hint that he is hanging around too long and show him or her the . Use the , or, our favorite, The smiley so tired, he is digging a grave to get some sleep.

What’s the best way to choose the perfect smiley for each occasion? Have a smiley toolbar installed on your browser. With a very simple interface you can select the right smiley or emoticon for each occasion. Get one here.