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Female sign Devil Holding a Pitchfork / Trident Green Alien Smiley Angel and devil fighting above smiley’s head Smiley shaking his finger, as if saying “No!” Whisteling Smiley Smiley feeding an horse The Funny Guy Smiley Tard with flies Smiely raising a white flag Crooked Mouth Smiley

This site is all about Smiley Faces and Emoticons. Our database is one of the largest on the internet, and includes all types of Smileys that express various types of emotions.

Our unique Smiley-System works in the following way:

  • 1) Find the icon, smiley or emoticon you like.
  • 2) Click on it, to get to that specific emoticon home-page
  • 3) Choose which way you want to use it. You can embed our emoticons in Emails, BB Forums, Social Networks (MySpace, Friendster and others) or just anywhere on the internet using our HTML code.
  • 4) Once you click on the code, you need to copy the code to your clipboard (Ctrl+C), and than paste it where you want the icon to appear.
  • 5) You can also download a very cool Smiley toolbar and get amazing smileys free on every site and social network that you use.
  • 6) If you want to learn how to use Smileys in Facebook - Check out our nifty guide!
Smiley Taking Out His Tongue (Black & White) ‘The Bad Boy’ Smiley Satan Smiley (with horns and tail) Evil Blue Smiley – With Animal Eyes Very Nasty Grey Smiley Devil Holding a Pitchfork / Trident Evil Eyebrow Smiley Smiley pushing the “Homo” Button Disturbed Smiley Evil Smile Smiley The ‘Time to Kill’ Smiley

New! Smileys and Emoticons with Famous Movies Quotes. Check our Arnold Schwarzenegger Quote and the Clark Gable quote for example.

What about Emoticons and Smileys for MSN?

Fear not. We have the solution for you, my friend. Each of our smileys can be used on your messenger of choice, no problemos. And, as always, it's totally free. MSN Messenger is today one of the most popular means of communication in the world, and is very recommended to use. Using Emoticons and Smileys in MSN Messenger chat is perhaps the best way of expressing your emotions and feelings, overcoming the limitations of the textual conversation medium. We love using graphic elements to add another dimension to our chats - when we want to express love, sympathy, anger or happiness - what could be better than using a wonderful little icon-charachter that will express your emotion? Wiser men than us have said that a picture is worth thousand words...

Text Emoticons

New! the complete list of text emoticons, smileys and ASCII symbols to be used online and in SMS messages. Enjoy!

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